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  • “My parents are in their 80’s and still live in the home that they raised us in. We are becoming concerned about their ability to continue living in a home that was built in 1953. They would like to stay but are worried about spending money on an older home.” We can provide a home evaluation that will help determine the best path to follow to make it safe and comfortable for them to remain in the home that they love. We will suggest key items to increase their ease of moving about and can also provide recommendations for energy efficient upgrades such as doors, windows, heating, air conditioning and insulation that may lower the long term cost to stay in their home. It is also important to remember that investing in their home will likely cost much less than what they would spend over time by living in an independent, assisted living or skilled nursing facility.
  • “We have determined that my parents need to come to live with us but we have no real area that they could call their own. Can you evaluate our property to see if we can add a first floor guest suite for them (and for us!)?” We can create a quick concept that will fit both your needs and the needs of your parents, and would then take it to the city to determine if it would be allowed. Based on their approval, you can obtain estimates from qualified contractors to determine if this is the right financial solution for you. The added benefit of a first floor Master Suite is that you will be the beneficiary of it when the time comes for you to live on the first floor.
  • “My neighbor has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and can no longer move about easily in her home. We help where we can but she would like a bit more independence. She doesn’t need an extensive renovation, just enough to increase her use of the Kitchen and Bathroom. Is it costly to just make a few modifications?” Part of our evaluation would be to determine if these changes can be made cost effectively. There is the potential that doors can be widened, counters lowered and shelving added that pulls out to be within reach of her wheelchair. There is even a low-cost solution that would convert her tub to a roll-in shower. We can work with her to determine her priorities and are happy to assist her with other items over time if she is more comfortable not doing everything at once.
  • “We have finally gotten all the kids through college and are ready to do something for us. We have substantial equity in our home and want to stay here instead of moving to a retirement community. All of our friends are here so it just seems to make sense to upgrade our current house rather than move.” Ageless Environments™ was established by an architect and an interior designer specializing in home modifications for seniors. The goal of any project is to create solutions that will not only allow you to stay in your home but really enjoy living there! Upgrading your home to include a Gourmet Kitchen for entertaining and a proper Master Bath Suite will provide you with years of enjoyment and the comfort of knowing that these improvements can add value to your home when you do finally decide to sell.
  • “My mother is resistant to discussing her changing needs but I know that she needs help. Can you work with us to modify her home without making her feel uncomfortable about the modifications?” That is one of the most difficult challenges we face as children of aging parents. Getting older adults to acknowledge their changing needs can be frustrating especially when we are trying so hard to help. Sometimes, a perspective can make a difference. For example, suggesting that a change in décor will be uplifting to their spirit instead of focusing on their need for more functionality may be easier for them to accept and even get excited about. As far as their concern about the look of the home, we are designers knowledgeable in Universal Design and Aging In Place, and can create some solutions that are invisible while providing a high level of design. Increased safety and functionality within a more beautiful environment… everyone wins!
  • “How will you help us accomplish those items that we decide to move forward with?” Many of our suppliers offer products that are designed to meet the specific needs of seniors as they age in place. In addition to providing guidance throughout the design and selection process, we have a list of professionals that are experienced with Universal Design and can work with you to help make your goals a reality. Ageless Environments will act as Project Managers to ensure that the entire process is handled expertly. We want to provide a stress free experience for you that results in added years of enjoyment in your home and may add value when you decide to sell.